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Local Discoveries, as part of ArtworxTO
Tour #2 – Around the World
Distance: 6km

Time: 2-2.5 hr walking

Taking our start at Danforth and Woodbine, this route sends us on a world tour through the east end. You’ll find murals celebrating the awesome diversity of global cultures that find their home in east Toronto, and all the food that goes along with them! Along this route you will find opportunities to contemplate the ways we are connected to the world beyond our own backyard. 

This tour is approximately 6km long, may take around 2 hours walking, but it’s also a great choice for riding your bike – don’t worry it’s downhill! It also follows several TTC routes so you can use that hop-on-hop-off transfer to explore by transit!


  1. Download the Driftscape App on your mobile device
  2. Search “EastEndArts” (all one word) in the top search feature
  3. Click on the Around the World Tour, which starts at Danforth Avenue and Woodbine Avenue on the map.
  4. Click “Start Tour” in the bottom right, and start your tour!


  1. Click HERE to access the Driftscape Web App for this tour
  2. Click “Start the Tour” and begin!



Stop 1 – Alleyway behind 1960-2072 Danforth Ave.

A picture of a mural featuring an orange and yellow Eastern dragon. One person, painted in blue, sits on top of the dragon's back, another person points towards him, seemingly shocked at what they're witnessing. A third figure peers through the loops of the dragon's body.

Art Title: Nookfest Laneway Transformation
Year Created: 2018
Artist: various

This laneway was filled with murals as part of the 2018 Nookfest, featuring the work by some of our favourite east end mural artists. This is a great example of how public art can transform laneways, bringing brightness and colour to forgotten urban spaces. One of the artists you may recognize is Monica Wickeler, and you can hear her discuss the project in the video below.

Stop 2 – Railway underpass near Gerrard St. East & Woodbine Ave.

A picture of an underpass painted with a bright blue mural. Beige geometric shapes with bold black lines cut through the blue.

Art Title: The Radi’aal Encompass
Year Created: 2014
Artist: Mediah (Evond Blake)

This mural, The Radi’aal Encompass’, depicts dynamic movement and togetherness and represents the entrance way into the surrounding communities. Artist Mediah (AKA Evond Blake) has worked all over the east end, and this underpass mural is echoed in a nearby signal box. Can you find other examples of Mediah’s work in the east end on your journeys through Local Discoveries?

Stop 3 – Gerrard St. East and Glenmore Rd

A picture of a pastel-coloured mural on the side of a building. At the front of the building is a storefront with a purple awning. The mural features stylized bunnies throughout a pink-tinted urban scene.

Art Title: Untitled
Year Created: 2018
Artists: Poser & Jieun June Kim

A collab between mural artists is always a great chance to see the combination of two styles – in this case Poser and Jieun June Kim are both known for their vibrant colour choices and whimsical themes, and this example of collaboration makes this growing retail block all the more vibrant for having both of their styles represented. Check out the video below to hear from the artists!

 Stop 4 – Along Gerrard St. East from Rhodes Ave. to Craven Rd

A picture of a colourful mural on the side of a building. In bold yellow letters reads, "Bazaar". Pink lotus flowers are painted throughout the mural.The Gerrard India Bazaar is one of Toronto’s most colourful neighbourhoods, and not just because it’s full of sari shops, and all the sights and sounds of east Toronto’s vibrant  South Asian community. This is a neighbourhood with a serious love of murals! Check out the work of some great  Toronto street artists – we’ve listed a few of our favourites on this stop – and make sure you tag us in any others you love in this mural-loving  neighbourhood when you post! Check out the video featuring Monica Wickeler discussing the “Women on the Walls” project from 2017.

There are four murals on this block, and we encourage you to pay them all a visit. Here’s where to find them.

 Stop 5 – Alley on the south side of Gerrard between Craven Rd. and Rhodes Ave.

A picture of a mural featuring an orange creature with many noodle-like arms, four eyes and a grinning mouth.

Art Title: Graffiti Alley East
Year Created: 2015
Artists: Monica Wickeler, Nicolas Sinclair, Tim Skynz & Eskape Reality Collective, Kerry O’Meara, Angel Carrillo & Minha Maconha

In 2015 East End Arts, The Gerrard India BIA, and The City of Toronto came together to transform the alleyways on the south side of Gerrard between Craven Rd and Rhodes Ave. Lead Artist Monica Wickeler and a team of local artists transformed the laneway walls facing a highly-trafficked parking lot in the middle of the Gerrard India Bazaar. Check out the video below to hear more from lead artist Monica Wickeler.

Stop 6 – Jones Underpass 

A picture of a mural on the side of an underpass. In prismatic blues there are several outdoor scenes painted. In one, a person leans against a metal railing drinking a coffee, in another there is a beach scene.

Art Title: Jones & Boultbee
Year Created: 2020
Artist: Jason Pinney

Eastview Youth participated in discussions around what to show in this mural, part of the series of murals that adorn the walls of some of the underpasses along the east end rail corridor. Vibrant greens reflect the growing Blake/Boultbee community, and the artist’s work as a photographer influenced the scenes depicted in each section of the mural. 

 Check out the video below of artist Jason Pinney discussing the project!

Stop 7 – Underpass at Gerrard St. East and Carlaw Ave.

A picture of a mural on the side of an underpass. There are a blue waves and a red wave featuring a decorative pattern. Above the waves a black and white flower-type shape is painted in bold linework.

Art Title: Like a River (Gerard St Underpass)
Year Created: 2018-2019
Artist: Kristen McRea, Julian Palma and Victoria Day

Another underpass, another amazing opportunity for public art! This underpass has featured the work “Blue Fire” by Derrick Revington since 1996, but in the last few years has seen a total transformation thanks to The Bridges To Art program, led by Councillor Paula Fletcher’s office, and in consultation with local communities – and what a transformation it is! 

 Check out the video below with Kristen McRae to learn more about the project.

Stop 8 – Carlaw Dog Park

A picture of a mural along a long wall. The mural is chaotic and vibrant, featuring bright oranges, pinks and purples. There are several faces painted between windows, along the bottom are swirling waves with bold black outlines.

Art Title: Carlaw Dog Park & The Gerrard St Swirls
Year Created: 2019-2020
Artist: Flips

You may have noticed along Gerrard, a series of swirls, painted in vibrant colours adorning the walls of various businesses. If you continue along Gerrard, you’ll notice more swirls, as we approach the Carlaw and Gerrard Dog Park, and an amazing tribute to local pooches! To learn about the mural in the dog park and the man who makes the swirls, check out the great video below featuring artist Flips.

Stop 9 – Parking lot at 661 Gerrard St. East, Alleyways at 585 Gerrard St. East, 588 Gerrard St. East, 349 Broadview Ave.  & Gerrard St. East and Hamilton St.

A picture of a massive mural on the side of a building. Across the bottom in blue and yellow are three graffiti style words. Behind them rises a realistically rendered Machu Pichu.

Art Title: The Seven Wonders of Chinatown East
Year Created: 2016
Artist: Coordinated by Mike “Wunder” Kennedy

All the Wonders of the World in Chinatown East! Chinatown features some massive  murals, including a series devoted to iconic wonders from around the world. A team of 22 artists worked to create this tribute to global cultures.  Many people from these cultures find their homes here in Toronto! Check out the video below of artists discussing the project!

Mural Project Featuring:

Stop 10 – Queen Alexandra Middle School

A picture of a side of a school. Across the walls are pasted 200 black and white portraits of students.

Art Title: Inside Out Photo Project
Year Created: 2020
Artist: Coordinated by Daniel Lui

Almost 200 portraits of students and staff line the wall outside Queen Alexandra Middle School in Toronto.

 The Riverside school is now part of a global art project called INSIDE OUT by artist JR representing inclusion, diversity and community. Art Project Coordinator Daniel Lui says, “given the unique cross-section of all the communities that converge on our school, I wanted to create the opportunity for them to show themselves to the community; and for the community to see what our school is about.” Don’t forget to check out the back of the school, by walking just a little east on Dundas.

Stop 11 – Joel Weeks Park

A picture of a bronze statue of a fox. The statue rests on a rock in a park.

Art Title: Echo
Year Created: 2015
Artist: Mary Anne Barkhouse

Just north of Queen St. East you’ll find Joel Weeks Park featuring Mary Anne Barkhouse’s statues of Canadian Wildlife. There’s a fox, a beaver, and of course, four squirrels worshipping a giant acorn. Barkhouse’s work is whimsical and reminds us of our proximity to the natural world. Asked once why the squirrels are worshipping a giant nut, Mary Anne responded, “Why wouldn’t they?”


ArtSkool Education Guides offer kids and kids at heart an additional fun way to engage with our public-facing programs, and learn something new! There are five editions in total, each complementing a different East End Arts program. Inside each guide you’ll find fun activities for kids, interesting facts and history lessons, and so much more. Print off your guide, put on your running shoes, and go set off on an adventure with your family and friends to check out some cool public art in your neighbourhood!

You can download the Local Discoveries Tour #2 Guide HERE and print it at home. Alternatively, you can find ArtSkool Guides available at the front desk of all east Toronto libraries from Broadview to Victoria Park!

To access all of the ArtSkool Guides, visit HERE. ArtSkool packages are a part of ArtworxTO. ArtSkool educational material has been created by Marietta Fox, while ArtSkool design and illustrations were completed by Chelsea Virginia.


Local Discoveries is part of #ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021–2022 and a Signature Project of the City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot.


The Cultural Hotspot shines a spotlight on arts, culture and community in Toronto’s outside-the-core neighbourhoods through workshops, exhibits, activities, and experiences. This City of Toronto and partner-produced initiative features Signature Partnership Projects and SPARK Projects that and provide opportunities for community members to participate in the arts. Youth mentorship and employment is a component of Cultural Hotspot programming. Since its inception in 2014, the Cultural Hotspot has highlighted Scarborough, Etobicoke, North York, East York/East End and York. In 2022, the Cultural Hotspot moves to a hyperlocal model with a focus on Little Jamaica and the Golden Mile.

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