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Thank you to our Donors & Funders

Thank you to our generous donors and funders who support East End Arts and help make our programming and initiatives possible.

If you are interested in making a donation to East End Arts, please visit our Donation Page. Your donation will make a real impact by allowing East End Arts to support local artists, and to provide accessible arts programming to everyone in our community!

Government Funders
In-Kind Donors
Corporate Donors
Individual Donors 2019

Shyla Jodi-Marie Bedborough
Tayler Buchanan
John Cameron
Shirley Cameron
Caroline Cameron-Fikis
Sara Campbell Mates
Kate Cornell
Reece A. Dyche
Bonnie Gray
Nadine Haddad
Katharine Harris
Zahid Hasan
Francis Hermanson
Sarah Hillman
Karen Kaeja
Mark Kretschmer
Conor Leekham
Kyle Lock
Susana Molinolo
Lucas Oikonen
Michelle Parson
Jaclyn Rodrigues
Kelsey Stojkovic
Angela Szeto
Tanner Turuba
Brenda Wolfson-Macdougall
Michelle Yeung

Individual Donors 2018

Adom Acheampong
Jen Althoff-Burrows
Chelsea Cameron-Fikis
David Carey
Sue Edworthy
Sylvia Fantin
Melanie Fernandez
Carol Fine
Melissa Foster
Leslie Francombe
Chris Kay Fraser
Phyllis Gordon
Jessica Harris
Shana Hillman
Sarah Jordan
Armen Karapetyan
Michelle Knight
Elisabeth Kohn
Juhyung Lee
Susana Molinolo
Chris Reed
Debra Robins
Maureen Scott Harris
Kim Simon
Mika Tremblay
Lucy White

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