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Gledhill Fence Art / 100 In 1 Day

On Saturday, June 7th, East End Arts joined members of the Gledhill’s School and Community Association to bring a community walkway to life through fence art. As part of the 100 in 1 Day Toronto initiative, events across the city challenged people to create and participate in citizen-driven interventions to make the city a better place.

The walkway links the Gledhill Public School yard with Strathmore Blvd. and pedestrian traffic from the nearby Woodbine Subway station. This is how the walkway looked before the transformative and beautifying project began:

walkway before

With approximately 100 volunteers taking part, the fence started to take shape. Artist Joanne Rumstein-Ellis had prepared the fence with the basic design, and she showed everyone how to become fence artists themselves!




Here are some of the talented and budding young artists who helped beautify the fence!!

Walkway Artists

It was a beautiful day for the community to join together for a collaborative art project. The end result was a touchable, fun, creative walkway that is sure to keep bringing smiles to people’s faces as they pass through.

Gledhill Fence square

Thanks to Joanne Rumstein-Ellis, Andrea Nichols Egan, and Melissa Peretti for their creative work and organizing efforts, as well as Gledhill’s School and Community Association, Davidson’s Food Mart, and Starbucks Canada for the generous refreshment donations.

Gledhill thanks





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