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East End Arts Contests

East End Arts loves to offer creative challenges, fun contests, and innovative ways to generate artistic ideas!

Following is a list of past East End Arts contests, including the winners, and some of the fun ideas that we’ve implemented:


Congratulations to the winners of our beautiful garden contest.


Lucille Crighton garden winner Garden Daisy Sarah Runner up Garden Diane Ronan honorable mention
 WINNER: Lucille Crighton  RUNNER UP:  Daisy Fai Auer, Sarah’s garden  HONOURABLE MENTION:  Diane Ronan


Photo Geoff Silva winner Photo Lisa Gerlsbeck runner up Photo Gary Kendal hon mention
 WINNER: Geoff Silva  RUNNER UP: Lisa Gerlsbeck  HONOURABLE MENTION: Gary Kendal

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Geoff Silva (Winner), Lisa Gerlsbeck (Runner up), and Gary Kendall (Honourable mention)

GARDEN: Lucille Crighton (Winner), Daisy Fai Auer, for ‘Sarah’s garden’ (Runner up), and Diane Ronan (Honourable mention)

To see the contest details. click HERE.

BENCH ARTJune 2014 Idea Generator Challenge

We asked people to send us their creative Bench Art ideas and we received some incredible ideas that definitely made us stand up and take notice.  The winning idea came from Jerry Silverberg.  His idea was to paint the outline of two people talking on the back of an elevated bench to encourage sitting, talking, sharing, and conversing. A place for discussion and a rest from the ever-moving world.

COMMUNITY ARTS BOOTH: May 2014 Idea Generator Challenge

With a focus on innovation and creativity over feasibility and practicality, the ideas we received for this contest were above and beyond your average booth design! Our jury had such a hard time deciding on a winner that they awarded the prize to two ideas, both of which were implemented at the 2014 Beaches International Jazz Festival.

Touch This – by Sherri Newman

Sherri’s Touch This idea was to have an arts wall in the booth that encouraged people to use their hands to participate in creating a collaborative work of art.

Touch This

Touch This





The Neverending Story – by Felice Gorica

Felice’s The Neverending Story idea was to allow people to make up a story as they came and went through the booth. The story would evolve as each person added to it, sending it in a new direction with each word of the collaborative effort. Here’s a photo of the story after the 2014 Beaches International Jazz Festival. (Stay tuned…the story hasn’t ended yet….)

Neverending Story

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