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Tyler Andrews is a young, emerging arts administrator who has been engaged across multiple creative organizations and groups in both Toronto and the GTA at large. The New Torontonian has worked for a handful of non-profit Arts Organizations and projects including, The Lighthouse Toronto galleries, museums, and Interpretive Centres over the last several years, and continues to volunteer time to stay connected to those communities. Tyler looks forward to bringing that overarching knowledge to the East End while continuing to learn from these new neighbours. Tyler is also a graduate from York University, possessing a bachelor’s in Classical Studies, and a postgraduate in Arts Administration and Cultural Management at Humber College and hopes to bring this newly acquired knowledge to being a better asset for East End Arts. When not nose deep in the arts community, Tyler can often be found looking for great bars, reading a book, or side-eyeing pigeons who have been described as “built different”.

email: tyler [at] eastendarts [dot] ca
phone: 647.715.2150 X 5

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