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Laira, residing from Scarborough, ON,  is an emerging arts manager with the passion to be part of that “first moment” in the introduction to the arts world. Recently completing her HBA at UofT Scarborough for Arts & Media Management, Laira fell in love with the behind the scenes of art events.

She is eager to learn more from and about the hard-working people who create that “first moment” for others. Laira believes that the first introduction to the arts is an important one, as she’ll never forget the excitement of crafting wallets, bracelets, and Minecraft worlds with her cousins. As a booklover, Laira gains her inspiration from the communities around her and the stories she learns through their histories, traditions, and art. She hopes to be that same inspiration for other artists and learners too.

When Laira isn’t learning more about her arts community, you can find her either getting lost in a good book or playing Animal Crossing NW. Laira also loves films and television shows and is eager to begin her post-graduate traveling soon!

email: laira [at] eastendarts [dot] ca

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