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Cynella Cyril is a practicing multidisciplinary artist and a graduate from OCAD University’s Drawing and Painting program where she was the recipient of the Project 31 Award. After graduating she has been maintaining her practice as well as working in positions that specialize in public program management for diverse and underserved communities. First as a woman of colour and second as an immigrant, she has first-hand knowledge of the barriers many people experience when accessing spaces, programs, and opportunities. Therefore, with each work opportunity, it is a personal commitment of hers to create public spaces and deliver a range of public programs that are anti-oppressive and equal in opportunity. Cynella understands the importance of curating programs that transform neighbourhoods to invite individualist experiences. She is excited to bring her knowledge, experience, and understanding to East End Arts while gaining new perspectives and learnings from her East End Arts team, community, and partnerships.

When Cynella is not working she is either binge watching a true crime documentary, looking for her childhood barbies on eBay, or making plans to re-decorate her room for the 200th time. She loves shoes, lego, and teaching herself new skills. Recently she has been getting excited about baking, specifically decorating baked goods!

email: cynella [at] eastendarts [dot] ca
phone: 647.715.2150 X 1

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