East End Toronto Parks

East End Toronto PARKSToronto has just over 1,400 parks and plenty of green space for people of all ages to play in and connect with nature. Along with sports, leisure activities, playgrounds, and water features, Toronto parks are home to theatre and dance performances, concerts, art shows, and more. Parks are the perfect place to gather and relax with family and friends, explore, read a good book, or create outdoors.

Toronto Parks

The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation provides information about each park. We have linked to this website for each of the parks listed below, but you can explore every park in the city HERE.

Planning an activity in a park? Check out the great Park Toolkit resources offered by the wonderful Park People.

Explore the Arts in the Parks program with the Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation, which provides unique opportunities to experience arts and culture in parks across Toronto throughout the summer.

The east end has a large number of active parks with programming and activities that occur in all seasons, bringing people and communities together outdoors in green space.


Parks/parkettes are listed alphabetically. To find parks in your Ward, follow this legend:

WARD 29                 WARD 30                   WARD 31                  WARD 32

Agnes Macphail Square – 900 Pape Avenue WARD 29

Aldwych Park – 134 Aldwych Avenue WARD 29
A park near Donlands Avenue and Mortimer Avenue that features a splash pad and a children’s playground.

Alexander The Great Parkette – Logan Avenue WARD 29

Arthur Dyson Parkette – 1404 Pape Avenue WARD 29

Ashbridges Bay Park – 1561 Lake Shore Boulevard East  WARD 32
Friends of the Beach Parks
Ashbridges Bay Park is located in a beautiful area on the waterfront in the east end of Toronto. It was named after Sarah Ashbridge, a widow and British loyalist from Philadelphia who settled here in the 1790’s and obtained a Crown Land Grant to start her own farm. Ashbridges Bay was once part of the large sand dune chain spanning the majority of the Toronto Harbour. These dunes were the result of sediment from the Scarborough Bluffs being deposited by the currents from Lake Ontario.
TTC Directions: Travel to Woodbine Station. Board the 92 Woodbine bus southbound. Exit at Asbridges Bay Park.

Bain Avenue Parkette – 208 Bain Avenue WARD 30

Broadview Subway Station Parkette – 769 Broadview Avenue WARD 29

Balmy Beach Park – 1 Beech Avenue  WARD 32
Created in 1903, this historic 7.3 hectare park is home to the Balmy Beach Club. The park features a lawn bowling club, a playground and outdoor fitness equipment. The Martin Goodman Trail runs though the park parallel to the boardwalk and beach, along the shore of Lake Ontario. The Silver Birch dogs off leash area lies along shoreline southeast of the park, stretching east from the foot of Silverbirch Avenue to the foot of Nursewood Road.

Beach Skatepark – 1420 Lake Shore Boulevard East  WARD 32

Beaches Park – 2075 Queen Street East  WARD 32
In the historic Beach neighbourhood south of Queen Street East, a vibrant street with an eclectic mix of shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Bruce Mackey Park – 55 Wardell Street WARD 30

Cairns Avenue Parkette – 93 Cairns Avenue WARD 32

Carlaw Avenue Parkette – 805 Carlaw Avenue WARD 29
This linear parkette has mature trees, a children’s playground and flowering shrubs and perennials.

Cassels Avenue Playground – 69 Cassels Avenue WARD 32

Charles Sauriol Parkette – 4 Hillside Drive WARD 29

Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park – 1 Cherry Street WARD 30
Located on the north shore of the Outer Harbour at the foot of Cherry Street. The park features dog off-leash area, ample parking is located on the Martin Goodman Trail and receives TTC bus service during the summer season. The west side of the beach is popular with kite boarders.

Cherry Beach Sports Fields – 275 Unwin Avenue WARD 30

Coleman Park – 19 Coleman Avenue WARD 31
A small park near Main Street and Danforth Avenue featuring two outdoor tennis courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Cosburn Park – 115 Roosevelt Road WARD 29
A park on Cosburn Avenue near Coxwell Avenue features two lit lawn bowling greens with a club house and five lit outdoor tennis courts. The park is home to the Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Coxwell Avenue Parkette – 429 Coxwell Avenue WARD 32
A small park on Coxwell Avenue south of Danforth Avenue featuring a basketball court.

Coxwell Avenue Playground – 450 Coxwell Avenue WARD 30

Coxwell Ravine Park – 460 O’Connor Drive WARD 29
Coxwell Ravine Park is located on the east side of the Don Valley Parkway just north of Don Mills Road. It is part of the extensive East Don Valley Trail system that includes Todmorden Mills Park, Linkwood Lane Park and Charles Sauriol Conservation Area. There is a great picnic area and outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing.
TTC Directions: Take the 70 O’Connor Bus to the Coxwell and O’Connor Stop. Walk west to Lankin Blvd. and cross into the park on the North Side of O’Connor.

Cullen Bryant Park – 50 Barbara Crescent WARD 29
A 1.0 hectare park near Coxwell Avenue and O’Connor Drive featuring a children`s playground. The park is above the Massey and Taylor Creek ravine and is accessible by path from the park down to the Taylor Creek Trail.

De Grassi St Parkette (AKA Degrassi Street Park)  – 125 De Grassi Street WARD 30

Dentonia Park – 80 Thyra Avenue WARD 31
A 6.1 hectare park near Danforth Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue featuring a lit ball diamond, a multipurpose sports field, a cricket pitch, basketball courts, a splash pad and a children’s playground.
TTC Directions: Travel to Victoria Park Station. Exit station and walk west to the park and then south to Dentonia Park Clubhouse.

Dieppe Park – 455 Cosburn Avenue WARD 29
Dieppe Park complex is located on Cosburn Avenue just east of Greenwood Avenue. The three hectare park has an outdoor artificial ice rink and is extremely popular in the winter time due to the double-pad rink which allows for non-stop public skate. Dieppe Park features a lit ball diamond and multipurpose sports field, a children’s playground and a splash pad. The baseball diamond and soccer pitch are also in high demand especially by permit groups.
TTC Directions: Travel to Donlands Station. Board the 56 Leaside and travel to Cosburn. Walk east to 455 Cosburn Ave

Don Valley Brick Works – 550 Bayview Avenue WARD 29
A former quarry, the Brick Works is considered an urban model for ecosystem planning given its extensive landscape restoration, re-naturalization and wetland re-establishment.

Donora Park – 17 Donora Drive WARD 31

Duncan C. Little Park – 2532 St Clair Avenue East WARD 31

Dundas Parkette – 155 Boulton Avenue WARD 30

East Lynn Park – 1949 Danforth Avenue WARD 32
East Lynn Park (Danforth East Community Association)
This one hectare park on Danforth Avenue has a picnic area, a wading pool and a children’s playground. It features a farmer’s market in the summer and a natural ice rink in the winter.

East Toronto Athletic Field – 175 Main St WARD 32
This 4 hectare park at Gerrard Street East and Main Street features three ball diamonds, a children’s playground and a wading pool. The park is adjacent to the Ted Reeves Community Arena.

Eastdale Parkette – 110 Eastdale Avenue WARD 31

Eastdale Playground – 160 Boulton Avenue WARD 30

Edgewood Parkette – 1987 Dundas Street East WARD 32
A small park with a mature tree canopy on Dundas Street East near Kingston Road.

Fairford Avenue Parkette – 68 Fairford Avenue WARD 30

Fairmount Park – 1725 Gerrard Street East WARD 32
A 1.9 hectare park featuring two ball diamonds, a multipurpose sports field, five outdoor tennis courts, a wading pool, a children’s playground and a natural ice rink in the winter. At the east side of the park is the Fairmount Park Community Centre and an indoor swimming pool.

Felstead Avenue Playground – 60 Felstead Avenue WARD 30
Friends of Felstead Park
This 1.7 hectare park features a multipurpose sports field and a children’s playground.

Four Oaks Gate Park – 388 A O’Connor Drive WARD 29
A small park on O’Connor Avenue east of Don Mills Road that features a children’s playground.

Gamble Park – 150 Gamble Avenue WARD 29

George Webster Park – 30 Chapman Avenue WARD 31
A 1.2 hectare park near Victoria Park Avenue and Dawes Road that features a ball diamond, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Gerrard – Carlaw Parkette – 855 Gerrard Street East WARD 30
This park features a dog off-leash area.

Gledhill Park – 125 Gledhill Avenue WARD 31

Glen Stewart Park – 351 Glen Manor Drive WARD 32
Friends of Glen Stewart Park Ravine
This park features the Glen Stewart Ravine, with trails that pass through wonderful, undulating terrain including a stream bordered by steep wooded slopes. At the south end of the ravine, the park continues south between Glen Manor Drive East and Glen Manor Drive West, ending at the northern tip of Ivan Forrest Gardens. This section features sloping hillsides, a naturalized landscape and pathways for walking.

Greenwood Park – 150 Greenwood Avenue WARD 30
Friends of Greenwood Park (FROG)
This 6.2 hectare park lies on Greenwood Avenue north of Dundas Street East. It features two lit ball diamonds, a multipurpose sports field, a dog off-leash area, a community garden, a splash pad and a children’s playground. The Greenwood Park outdoor pool is located at the north end of the park. An outdoor artificial ice rink is available in winter, and used for ball hockey in the summer months.
TTC Directions: Travel to Greenwood Station. Board the 31 Bus south to Gerrard Street East. Walk west on Gerrard to Alton Ave. Turn left onto Alton Ave and walk south to Greenwood Park.

Hideaway Park – 23 Audley Avenue WARD 30
This small park features a dog off-leash area, a paved small multi-use pad, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Hillingdon – Woodrow Parkette – 64 Woodrow Avenue WARD 32

Ivan Forrest Gardens – 131 Glen Manor Drive WARD 32
This small park lies at the corner of Glen Manor Drive and Queen Street East, east of Woodbine Avenue. It features a mature tree canopy and beautiful rock gardens with water fountains.

Jeff Sloan Playground – 137 R Kingston Road WARD 32
A small park near Kingston Road and Queen Street East that features a children’s playground.

Jennifer Kateryna Koval’s’kyj Park – 2 Polson Street WARD 30

Jimmie Simpson Park – 870 Queen Street East WARD 30
This 2.6 hectare park just east of Broadview Avenue on Queen Street East features a ball diamond, multipurpose sports field, lit hockey rink, two lit tennis courts, basketball courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground. Adjacent to the park is this Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre.

Joel Weeks Park – 10 Thompson Street WARD 30
Located in the heart of Toronto’s new Rivertowne community just east of the Don River, this 0.95 hectare park opened in 2012 and features a basketball court, playground, splash pad and a small community garden. It also has a welcoming open space, many trees and great design that pays homage to the nearby Don River by incorporating an urban river theme with areas for seating, strolling and playing. Originally a small parkette, this park was expanded and renovated as part of the process of Canada’s first conversion of a public housing development into a dynamic new mixed-income neighbourhood. Toronto Community Housing acted as the developer of the park on behalf of the City, the park was designed by Janet Rosenberg and Studio, and the Ralph Thornton Centre was a core community partner through an extensive community engagement process to ensure that the park was designed with input from local residents and would become a great focal point for the neighbourhood.

John Chang Neighbourhood Park – 50 Colgate Avenue WARD 30

Jonathan Ashbridge Park – 1515 Queen Street East WARD 32
A 1.1 hectare park west of Coxwell Avenue that connects Queen Street East and Eastern Avenue. The park features two outdoor tennis courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Joshua Cronkwright Parkette – 504 Dawes Road WARD 31

Kempton Howard Park – 150 Blake Street WARD 30
This small park near Jones and Danforth Avenue features a ball diamond, wading pool and a children’s playground. Formerly known as “Eastview Park”, this park was renamed in 2007 to honour the memory of Kempton Howard, a local resident and youth worker who was tragically killed.

Kew Gardens – 2075 Queen Street East WARD 32
This busy 6.5 hectare park lies in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood and stretches from Queen Street East down to the Lakeshore. Along it’s Queen Street edge you’ll find a cenotaph, seasonal flower beds and a library. The park interior features a wading pool and playground, trails, naturalized and open grassy areas, baseball diamond and a bandstand used for some of the many events that happen in this park. Where the park meets the beach there are tennis courts, a sports pad used as a sports area in summer and artificial ice rink in winter, an enclosed seasonal winter fire pit, and a building with change rooms, washrooms, a snack bar and a water bottle filling station. At the foot of Lee Avenue lies the Gardener’s Cottage, a historic building also known as Kew Williams House surrounded by attractive seasonal plantings. At its south end this park meets up with the boardwalk and beach that run along the Lake Ontario shoreline. This area is also known as Beaches Park and features a fenced in dogs off leash area as well as the iconic Leuty lifeguard station.

Kildonan Park – Glenn Morrow Mews WARD 32

Kiwanis Parkette – 1410 Pape Avenue WARD 29

Langford Parkette – 26 Langford Avenue WARD 29
This linear parkette features trees, a small greenspace, a drinking fountain, a children’s playground and flowering shrubs and perennials.

Les Anthony Parkette – 5 Dunkirk Road WARD 31

Leslie Grove Park – 1158 Queen Street East WARD 30
A small park on Queen Street East at Jones Avenue that features a ball diamond, a wading pool and a children’s playground. Leslie Grove Shack is located inside Leslie Grove Park. The shack offers youth programs on Friday nights.

Little York Parkette – 58 Norwood Terrace WARD 32

Livingstone Park – 21 Woodville Avenue WARD 29

Logan Avenue Parkette – 916 Logan Avenue WARD 29
This linear parkette features a drinking fountain, a pathway through shaded green space and and flowering shrubs and perennials.

Love Crescent Parkette – 16 Love Crescent WARD 32

Lower Don Parklands – 44 Beechwood Drive WARD 29

Main Sewage Treatment Playground – 1091 Eastern Avenue WARD 32
An 11.2 hectare park at Eastern Avenue and Coxwell Avenue that features a ball diamond and the Tubbs & Gee Gage Rugby field. It is home to the Ashbridges Bay Skate Park, which offers a variety of boarding ramps, jumps and a rare skating bowl.

Maple Leaf Forever Park – 62 Laing Street WARD 32

Maryland Park – 19 Maryland Boulevard WARD 31
A one hectare park near Danforth Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue that features four lit outdoor tennis courts with a club house, a children’s playground and an open green space. The park is home to the Dentonia Park Tennis Club.

Matty Eckler Playground – 953 Gerrard Street East WARD 30
The 1.1 hectare park at Pape Avenue and Gerrard Street East features a ball diamond, basketball court, wading pool and children’s playground. The Matty Eckler Community Recreation Centre can be found at the west side of the park.

Maughan Crescent Parkette – 37 Maughan Crescent WARD 32

Mc Cleary Playground – 80 Mc Gee Street WARD 30

McCleary Park – 755 Lake Shore Boulevard East WARD 30
A 2.8 hectare park on Lake Shore Boulevard East near Carlaw Avenue that features two lit ball diamonds and a cricket pitch.

Measurement Park – 1167 Eastern Avenue WARD 32

Merrill Bridge Road Park – 1 East Lynn Avenue WARD 32
A 1.4 hectare park near Woodbine Avenue and Danforth Avenue that features a dog off-leash area. The west end of the park leads down into at forested ravine.

Monarch Park – 115 Felstead Avenue WARD 30
Friends of Monarch Park
A 5 hectare park near Danforth and Coxwell Avenue that features a dog off-leash area, an outdoor pool, a wading pool and a children’s playground. During the winter there is also an artificial ice rink in operation.
TTC Directions: Travel to Greenwood Station. Walk east on Danforth and then south on Gillard to 115 Felstead Ave.

Moncur Playground – 10 Gainsborough Road WARD 32
A 1.1 hectare park on Coxwell Avenue near Dundas Street East that features a ball diamond and a children’s playground.

Morse Street Playground – 76 Morse Street WARD 30

Nesbitt Park – 69 Nesbitt Drive WARD 29

Norwood Park – 16 Norwood Road WARD 32
A 1.6 hectare park near Gerrard Street East and Woodbine Avenue that features five outdoor tennis courts, a dog off-leash area, a wading pool and a children’s playground.

Oakcrest Parkette – 30 Oakcrest Avenue WARD 32

Orchard Park – 1987 Dundas Street East WARD 32
This park was formerly called “Edgewood Park South”.

Pantry Park – 70 Kewbeach Avenue WARD 32
A 1.4 hectare park near Lake Shore Boulevard East and Woodbine Avenue that features a multipurpose sports field.

Phin Avenue Parkette – 115 Condor Ave WARD 30
Friends of Phin Park

Playter Gardens – 4 Cambridge Avenue WARD 29

The Rail Garden – 450 Woodfield Road WARD 30

Riverdale Park East – 550 Broadview Avenue WARD 30
Friends of Riverdale Park East
This 18 hectare park near Danforth Avenue and Broadveiw Avenue is popular for winter tobogganing and views of downtown Toronto skyline. Riverdale Park East features two ball diamonds, three multipurpose sports fields, a running track, seven tennis courts, an artificial outdoor ice rink and ball hockey pad, a picnic area and a children’s playground. The ice rink features a hockey pad which is also a please pad. There are change rooms for changing into skates. There is a nice playground to the east of the rink. A naturalized area at the north end of the park has many recreational trails ideal for walking. Located at the north entrance to the park on Broadview Avenue is the Riverdale Park East Outdoor Pool.
TTC Directions: Take the Broadview streetcar two stops past the Danforth and walk down the stairs to the rink.

Robertson Parkette – 1555 Danforth Avenue WARD 30

Sandra – St Clair Parkette – 4 Sandra Road WARD 31

Saulter Street Parkette – 25 Saulter Street WARD 30

Stan Wadlow Park – 888 Cosburn Avenue WARD 31
An 8.5 hectare park near O’Connor Avenue and Woodbine Avenue featuring six ball diamonds with one diamond having lights for night play and a clubhouse. The park also has a multipurpose sports field, a dog off-leash area, a splash pad and a children’s playground. At the south-west corner of the park is East York Memorial Arena. At the north-west corner of the park on Cedarvale Avenue is the Kiwanis Outdoor Pool.

Stanley G. Grizzle Park – 21 Chisholm Avenue WARD 31
This park has a total size of 1868 square meters which includes a playground. Formerly known as “Main Street Parkette”, this park was renamed in 2007 to honour Stanley G. Grizzle, a notable human rights campaigner, Canadian Court of Citizenship judge and author.

Stephenson Park – 61 Stephenson Ave WARD 32
Friends of Stephenson Park

Taylor Creek Park – 260 Dawes Rd WARD 31
Taylor Massey Project

Thompson Street Parkette – 120 Broadview Avenue WARD 30

Thorogood Gardens – 53 Allen Avenue WARD 30

Tiverton Avenue Parkette – 45 Tiverton Avenue WARD 30

Todmorden Mills Park – 67 Pottery Road WARD 29
Set in the scenic Don Valley, Todmorden Mills Park is a Heritage Site containing historic buildings which were once part of the small industrial community of Todmorden. Today the park consists of two historic millers’ homes dating from the early 19th century, the Brewery building and the recently renovated Papermill Theatre and Gallery. Adjoining the site is a 9.2 hectare wildflower preserve with walking trails exploring a number of natural habitats, including upland and bottom-land forests, dry and wet meadows, swamp lands and a pond.

Tommy Thompson Park – 1 Leslie Street WARD 32
Located on Toronto’s waterfront in the Port Lands, Tommy Thompson Park is a unique urban wilderness minutes from downtown. The park is located on a man-made peninsula, known as the Leslie Street Spit, which extends five kilometres into Lake Ontario. The park represents some of the largest existing natural habitats on the Toronto waterfront. Wildflower meadows, cottonwood forests, coastal marshes, cobble beaches and sand dunes are just some of the habitats at Tommy Thompson Park. Wildlife, especially birds, flourish at the park which provides one of the best nature watching areas in the Greater Toronto Area. The park also provides opportunities for recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, rollerblading and fishing.

Topham Park – 181 Westview Boulevard WARD 31
A 2 hectare park near St. Clair Avenue East and O’Connor Drive featuring three ball diamonds including one that has lights, two lit tennis courts, a wading pool and a children’s playground. At the north end of the park is the Topham Park Community Centre and Clubhouse.

True Davidson Park – 160 Memorial Park Avenue WARD 29

Westwood Park – 994 Carlaw Avenue WARD 29

Wildwood Crescent Playground – 110 Wildwood Crescent WARD 32

William Hancox Parkette – 45 William Hancox Avenue WARD 32

Willis Blair Parkette – 1570 O’Connor Drive WARD 31
Willis Blair Parkette, formerly named O’Connor Village Parkette, measures 1125 square metres. This location has a playground.

Withrow Park – 725 Logan Avenue WARD 30
Friends of Withrow Park
An 8 hectare park on Logan Avenue just south of Danforth Avenue featuring two ball diamonds, a multipurpose sports field, two outdoor tennis courts, a volleyball court, a dog off-leash area, a wading pool and a children’s playground. In the middle of the park is the Withrow Park Outdoor Artificial Ice Rink.

Woodbine Beach Park – 1675 Lake Shore Boulevard East WARD 32
Other parks in the area: Beach SkateparkWoodbine ParkAshbridges Bay Park
Friends of Woodbine Park
A broad and beautiful curve of sand at the foot of Woodbine Avenue, this popular 15.2 hectare park is one of the city’s many beaches and the gateway to three kilometres of sandy waterfront stretching eastward along the Lake Ontario shoreline. Woodbine Beach is a popular spot for picnics, sunbathing and swimming with wide stretches of sand, summer lifeguards, a bathing station and the Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool nearby. The recently renovated bathing station features upgraded ventilation and lighting, a new roof, an enlarged patio, change rooms, accessible washrooms, water bottle filling stations and a beach shower with a foot wash. The Ashbridges Bay and Martin Goodman trails run through this park, which also includes a playground, outdoor fitness equipment, beach volleyball courts, picnic shelters, snack bar, full-service restaurant and parking at Ashbridges Bay Park.

Woodbine Park – 1695 Queen Street East WARD 32