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East End Arts Announces New Home at St. Matthew’s Clubhouse
East End Arts will be moving into a new home at St. Matthew’s Clubhouse at the end of April. Owned by the City of Toronto, St. Matthew’s Clubhouse will serve as an office and animated arts space. An Open House is planned for later in the Spring to welcome members of the public and together, imagine additional uses for the space.

Creative Facilitation Camp supports artists, arts facilitators, and arts & culture workers in their creative facilitation skills. Register to attend this two-day professional development series on May 26 & 27 at St. Matthew’s Clubhouse. Co-presented by East End Arts and Scarborough Arts in association with PYE Global.


East End Arts Community Consultations Summary
We have developed a Community Consultations Summary to serve as a support document for artists, arts groups, and community members living and working within east Toronto. This summary is a tool which we hope will continue to unite, inspire, and enhance those doing important work in our vibrant arts and cultural community.

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