Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Four Brave Individuals. One Artist-Run Newsstand. Two weeks. Twelve Tasks.

Dont-Quit-Your-Day-Job copy

Meet the four “temporary artists” hired for our Don’t Quit Your Day Job project. Each of these individuals have started their exploration of an issue of interest in their life. Each will be given three arts-inspired tasks that will ask them to delve deeper into the issue and their own creative spirit.

The Participants:  Roxanne Rident, Sandrana, Head Wildcat & Bill Bolt



Roxanne Rident:  Can I Trust You?  
TASK 1: Asked the artist to identify and give form to fears of/in The Other.





TASK 2: Asked the artist to consider”What is scary about me”?







TASK 3: Asked the artists to confront her demons in the flesh.



Sandrana:  Why Am I Stalling?  

TASK 1: Asked the artist to identify inner strengths and to imagine those qualities as superheros… who might win an award for their awesomeness.

superheros long







TASK 2: Asked the artist to give form to all the things and excuses that make her late.

alarm bus messyhair mouseflatkeys nature weatherbathroom










TASK 2: Asked the artist to find motivations to combat the forces holding her back.

1a 2 3






Bill Bolt:  How can I morph my career without jeopardizing what I have?  
TASK 1: Asked the artist to let the pros and cons of the current employment situation battle it out.

TASK 2:  Asked the artist to travel down 6 different potential futures and write himself a postcard back in time:

Bill1 Bill2 Bill3 Bill4 Bill5 Bill6










TASK 3:  Asked the artist to “act out” two  possible personas.  Read Task 3 Reflections here.


Head Wildcat:  Is it my problem or yours that you are annoying me?  
TASK 1: Asked the artist to list annoying human qualities and sum them up poetically.
Inanimate ObjectsThings I do to meThings others do to meThings people do to the environment





TASK 2: Asked the artist to identify best and worst self, both internally and externally.








TASK 3: Asked the artist to share her haikus with herselves.

TwoA OneA FourA





Thanks to the support and hosting of the:
Artists Newsstand at Chester TTC Subway Station
October 2015
Facebook Event page

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